#103 Anne de Carbuccia


Making Art, Making Change: A Conversation With Anne de Carbuccia

“I wish to illuminate the damage, the breakage, the fragmentation. Somehow, if I can make it beautiful, I can make it one again.”

Anne de Carbuccia is a French-American environmental artist working to document the effects of climate change. She first became interested in the era of human beings as a geological force, the Anthropocene, while studying Art History and Anthropology at Columbia University.

De Carbuccia has spent the past five years traveling to the most extreme places on earth, creating photographs that capture human-caused threats to the environment, including water scarcity, pollution, and species extinction. In 2014, she established the Time Shrine Foundation to raise awareness and protect vulnerable species, environments and cultures. Her permanent One Planet One Future exhibitions in New York and Milan serve as centers for education, collaboration and community and are free and open to the public.

Sustainability strategist, media expert and Bard MBA alum Amy Kalafa, spoke with Anne de Carbuccia in January about her work for the Impact Report.




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