#104 Luke Truman

How Allagash Brews Sustainable Practices into its Operations: A Conversation With Luke Truman 

The grain is just one way it's closing the loop. Portland’s Allagash Brewing Company has committed to purchasing 1 million pounds of Maine-grown and -processed grain by 2021. And three days a week, a local farmer stops by the brewery to pick up spent grain, which he uses as feed for his cows.

Allagash demonstrates that same commitment to sustainability throughout its operations. From the cold Maine air that it uses to cool its largest refrigerated space, to the waste carbon dioxide (CO2) it captures from the brewing process and repurposes to keep head pressure on its tanks, the company sees sustainability potential in every aspect of its processes.

The Bard MBA's Carolyn Pincus spoke recently with Allagash's sustainability lead, Luke Truman, about the brewery’s many initiatives — and about how the company manages its relationship with industry regulators. Born and raised in Wyoming, Truman's been handling sustainability work at Allagash for over five years, and running the program for 2.5 years. 



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